Reiss had two very clear objectives: Firstly the fashion brand wanted to attract quality users to its website. Reiss’s marketing team also wanted to measure the true cost and value of those new customers to the Reiss brand.

The aim of Reiss’s campaign was to proliferate the Reiss brand within qualified environments such as targeted reach and to attract new quality users to the brand.

Other campaign objectives included generating sales and revenues within allocated targets and the desire to deploy strategies and buying metrics that deliver additional scale against set budgets.

The Solution

When Threepipe, Reiss’s media agency, devised a suitable strategy to meet its objectives. A major part of their recommended strategy was to work with Turn, the leading demand-side platform (DSP).

Threepipe also decided to utilise Turn’s Campaign Suite to serve Reiss’s campaign in the most efficient and targeted way possible; a move that promised to increase return on investment and drive down ‘Cost per Acquisition’ (CPA). ThreePipe used Turn’s Campaign Suite to target male and female users within the AB demographic with a strong interest in fashion and luxury lifestyle products.

Laying the ground rules: During the planning phase ThreePipe used Turn’s technology to outline their prospecting tactics while constructing strict caveats on re-targeting levels to deliver new users.

Due consideration was given to the time of day, day of week, geography, format and frequency with the aim of delivering the strongest return on investment possible and to drive down cost per acquisition. The campaign’s creative work was then tailored to the gender of the individual being targeted.

Targeting was based on male and female content consumption on the Reiss website and implementation of unique customer pixels that were able to measure the true cost and value of new customers.

Behavioural targeting

On Reiss and ThreePipe’s behalf, Turn deployed demographic targeting data from partners such as Bluekai, Exelate and Lotame to deliver gender and product specific banners, as well as specific site and channel buys. This helped to create a dialogue with the right users and ensure brand placement in the right environments.

Layering on content and behavioural targeting data ensured that the brand resonated with the target audience, based on their fashion and lifestyle content consumption.

Predictive and look-alike modelling utilising third-party data from companies such as AffectV and Quantcast also enabled Reiss to access new audiences looking to purchase high-end fashion and luxury products, as well as avoid lower-quality generic shopping segments who do not fit the Reiss profile.

The Results

Reiss have been delighted with the impact of the campaign and ThreePipe’s innovative utilisation the Turn Campaign Suite vividly illustrates the power of programmatic trading for targeting consumers within the fashion retail sector.

  • Turn helped Three Pipe deliver a remarkable CPA savings of 63% on the targeted CPA for acquiring new Reiss customers.
  • The campaign achieved on average an additional 200% return on investment when compared with other providers in the campaign plan with campaign investment measured as % of profit generated.
  • Turn also delivered the highest click-through rate of all providers in the campaign plan.

Mehdy Mamode, Account Director at Threepipe, says:

“Turn not only understood our client’s business objectives to efficiently manage the campaign, but they achieved results beyond our expectations. When compared to similar technology providers, Turn delivered 200% additional ROI with 63% savings on the target CPA. We look forward to continuing to work together to effect further customer prospecting and conversions in the right environments.”