By 2014, the use of personalised digital marketing techniques will have tripled. Findings by conversion technology provider, Neolane, found the main attraction was the improved loyalty and swift return on investment.

Neolane’s research, which processed marketing strategies from 600 marketers across Europe, revealed that less than one in 20 marketers doubt the true return on investment potential of web personalisation.

More than half of the marketers involved in the study stated they had recouped the cost of investment ‘within months’, rather than years. You’d be hard pressed to form a tangible argument against personalisation based on this evidence from Neolane.

Softly Softly Approach to Budget Allocation

There is still some caution though. Close to three quarters of those responsible for the purse strings for personalised web experience creation have allocated a budget of below €50,000.

Neolane UK’s head of marketing, Martin Smith, is sure the modern consumer is beginning to expect a shopping experience that’s tailored specifically to their past buying habits.

“Once they opt-in to personalised experiences, today’s consumers expect to be recognised by the brands they purchase from and to be presented with relevant content and offers,” he said.

Personalised digital marketing infographic