Consumer confidence in using their mobile to make a purchase is at a high. Three quarters of those questioned as part of InMobi’s research conceded they were introduced to a product on their smart or feature phone.

Mobile advertising is becoming increasingly palatable to consumers, according to InMobi’s Mobile Media Consumption Report Wave 2. It discovered that 59% are as comfortable with advertising on their mobile as they are on their desktop machine or TV.

The current adoption rate of mobile commerce isn’t as high as you’d expect. Only 66% of surveyed consumers have spent money on an activity using a mobile device, which is low considering how easy it is to buy apps.

Mobile Commerce On The Rise

There will be growth, though. In the next 12 months, 80% of consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce and that’s up 21% from the previously mentioned 66% of today.

Showrooming is currently a hotly debated topic with various chains going into administration over the winter months using it as a scapegoat. Stores still in operation will be encouraged that 45% of InMobi respondents admitted mobile ads influenced in-store purchases.

Advertisers will be pleased that 54% reported they had noticed ads while engaged in an app and of those, 67% went onto visit a brand’s own website immediately afterwards. It’s proof that mobile advertising is reaching the goals it sets out to do.

InMobi has worked with Decision Fuel and OnDevice Research on its study into mobile advertising trends. Over 15,000 users in 14 markets across all the world’s continents contributed. You can view more of the findings in the infographic below.

InMobi infographic