Over half (59%) of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands are choosing to engage with consumers on Instagram. It’s proof that brands aren’t shying away even with the latest changes to Instagram’s privacy policy and Twitter’s pulling of its support for cards.

In the three-month period to February 1 2013, SimplyMeasured found Instagram’s use as an engagement tool by advertisers had risen by 5%. One draw for brands since November 1 2012 will have been the introduction of Web Profiles and Web Feeds.

Social brand adoption

Instagram’s adoption by 59% of top 100 brands is within touching distance of Pinterest’s 69% and even the 70% managed by Google+. Twitter, on the other hand, found its quarter-on-quarter figures decline by a percentage point from 98% to 97%.

Active Brand Growth

The volume of brands active on Instagram through the posting of photos grew from 49% to 55% across the quarter that began on November 1 2012. The gap to Pinterest shrank slightly, with the social pin board boasting 59% active brand accounts.

Instagram adoption curve

Over a quarter of brands (26%) have upwards of 10,000 followers according to The Instagram Brand Adoption Study February, 2013. Further up the scale, 19% and 10% of brands have more than 20,000 and 100,000 followers respectively.

MTV is currently the most successful brand on Instagram with 1.1 million followers. The music video broadcaster has seen 14% growth over the quarter, but a 12% drop in posts and 19% decline in engagement suggest MTV’s time at the top could be short lived.

Top Instagram brands