LinkResearchTools has announced a major new upgrade to its service. The company is now giving its users the chance to upload analysed or ignored links with the option of excluding them from future reports.

The Link Detox Tool, which finds bad links and then helps clean up a site’s profile, has been combined with the new Round Trip Google Disavow function. LinkResearchTools can now be configured to ignore certain links on a user’s website.

Google Disavow

Owner of LinkResearchTools, Christoph Cemper, recommends users keep on top of these often nefarious links. “It takes weeks to get out of a link penalty, so one should keep track of your disavowed links,” he said.

Older editions of LinkResearchTools made life difficult by requiring all data tables to be filtered manually. The company hopes the latest changes will be more helpful in purging unwanted backlinks.

Measuring social comment

Facebook engagement can now be measured on LinkResearchTools through comments on the social network. If content is liked or posted about, then the SEO tool’s Facebook Comment metric records the activity.

Facebook comments

Previously a premium feature, Link Slices has now been unlocked to use on all LinkResearchTools accounts. The report function will give users more advanced feedback in reports and save certain sections or pre-selected data areas.

Another new option revolves around Google Author ID, an important SERP feature that is starting to be rewarded with higher rankings. LinkResearchTools now offers users the chance to compare the percentage of links coming from Google author profiles on competitor sites, which Cemper feels is important to affiliates.

“In addition to that you can find those authors that are powering your competition’s links easily and try to understand why they wrote about them, not you,” he revealed. “This reinforces LRT being the one-stop-solution for all affiliates link building and competitive research needs.”