What can you tell us about your Performance Marketing Award win?

Firstly, we have to say that our personal thanks go to our Partnerships team for all of their hard work on this.

Winning this award was a very proud moment for us, as the team at Top Cashback put a lot of effort into making the campaign with B&Q; a massive success. Something that we’ve always been proud of since we started Top Cashback is the continued ability to be flexible and innovative, so when the opportunity came up to do something a little different the team jumped at the chance.

What was B&Q; looking for in the campaign?

OR & MT: The opportunity to work on this campaign with B&Q; came about via B&Q;’s agency, Zenith. They invited a number of affiliates into their office to brief them on the changes that B&Q; were making as a company. B&Q; wanted to be able to interact with their customers and become the place to go to find all you need to know about DIY – not just a place to buy your goods. We went away and created a proposal and were picked as the sole affiliate to run the brand engagement campaign for 5 months.

Why do you think your campaign was the stand-out winner?

OR & MT: We see our brand engagement campaigns, of which this was a great example, as a real USP for us. In the affiliate space we’ve not seen anything similar being done. Perhaps this is why it was the stand-out winner. It’s also fair to say that beyond the brand engagement part of the campaign, there was a huge increase in sales, which I am sure contributed to the win.

Has the win helped you work closer with advertisers and publishers?

OR & MT: We talk about the campaign that we ran with B&Q; to lots of advertisers as we’re very proud of the work. On the back of it, we have run some similar brand engagement campaigns and with any luck we might win another award this year on the back of these!

How do you hope to help advertisers innovate in 2013?

OR & MT: In addition to the ‘Snap & Save’ product that we launched at the start of February we also have some other very exciting developments coming and innovation is really what we’re about as a company. These products, along with further innovations and the other campaigns that we are running, should continue to drive even more sales in 2013.