VigLink has launched three free content tools for publishers. They have been unveiled by the affiliate network to give publishers more ways to monetise their website or blog in an age where content-driven commerce is rising.

ComScore figures showed how holiday e-commerce’s growth of 14% over 2011 was bettered by “content-driven commerce”. The channel, made up of e-retail sales linked from blogs, forums and social curation sites, grew twice as fast at 31%.

The blog monetisation tools can be used to capitalise on the budding content trade. They do not require the publisher to establish an account with the advertiser or to create a link to those advertisers.

Hassle-free linking

VigLink does most of the legwork itself. If content matches an advertiser’s product, the affiliate network link is generated automatically. The publisher then earns a commission if a transaction follows.

Each utility has its own functionality. The Link Affiliation tool links in content so a publisher gets paid when readers make a purchase. The Link Insertion tool optionally embeds new links when a merchant, brand, or product reference is detected.

Finally, the Analytic tool helps publishers understand what threads and posts are driving the most revenue and what products readers care about. VigLink has stated that all three tools sync with the company’s 30,000 advertiser base.