Performance Marketing in Fashion: The Digital Supplement

– December 2015 –

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The online luxury fashion market is tipped to be worth £7.6 billion pounds globally by 2018, with performance marketing strategies driving a hefty portion of commerce.

It’s a unique and lavish industry, increasingly guided by mobile technology, inspired by content, and one in which performance marketing is certainly gaining ground.

To gain a better understanding of such a fast-growing space, PerformanceIN partnered up with Linkdex Publisher Discovery to release the ‘Performance Marketing in Fashion’ supplement.

The free download contains a raft of performance-focused infographics, features and Q&As, including:

  • Why Fashion and Mobile are a Match Made in Heaven
  • Profile of the Fashion Consumer
  • Breaking News: Content is In!
  • Publisher Recruitment

The supplement should prove invaluable for fashion brands wanting to learn of new, ROI-friendly ways of acquiring customers, and for publishers looking to forge ties to a fast-growing sector.  


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