The Advertiser's Guide to Display Advertising in 2017

The Advertiser's Guide to Display Advertising in 2017

– May 2017 –

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“As investment in display advertising continues to grow, it’s vital that marketers understand how their display campaigns best fit into their marketing mix.” - Rakhee Jogia, Regional Director of Rakuten Display Europe at Rakuten Marketing

Constituting 37% (£3.76 billion) of the UK’s total digital ad spend last year, it’s safe to say, display advertising isn’t going anywhere. Yet, failing to clue up on what constitutes an effective campaign in 2017 could prove costly.

PerformanceIN has teamed up with Rakuten Marketing to bring you the latest overview of the channel in one quick-read resource. Whether you’re an advertiser looking to up spend or a marketer looking to refresh knowledge, download the Advertiser’s Guide to Display Advertising for:

  • An overview of the display ad industry in 2017
  • A breakdown of formats, strategies and measurement
  • How to make the channel work for your brand’s needs
  • Examples of the channel in action


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