The first half of 2022 was a wild ride.

Inflation spiking to nearly 10% hit the customer purse hard, while consumer confidence dropped to the lowest result ever recorded. Supply chain issues and retail profit warnings were front and centre across the globe. Coupled with rising acquisition costs and diminishing returns on primary digital channels, marketers found themselves navigating a tough trading environment that continues to challenge into the second half of 2022.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. For advertisers and publishers, this isn’t the first time we’ve surfed a wave of disruption. Where the socio-economic circumstances of the pandemic validated the pay-for-performance model, in the post-pandemic world, winning brands and marketers understand that performance marketing isn’t just for times of uncertainty.

Restrategising marketing tactics and leveraging pay-for-outcome models that support the new trading environment will get us ahead of the challenges that stand in front of us, and will be the key to protecting margins and revenue.

Partnerize and PerformanceIN have brought together leading brands and partners for a two-part webinar series to discuss how partnership marketing has a critical role to play in your marketing mix–and not just in times of crisis.

There are two parts, both designed for performance and affiliate marketers who want to turn market challenges into opportunity and realise revenue growth through the partnership channel. The first part will take place on Thursday 28th July, and the second, in which you will hear from some leading brand names, is on Thursday 4th August.

Join part two to:

  • Hear from leading brands as they share how they’re using partnership marketing to succeed during the downturn.
  • Understand the role affiliate marketing plays in a technology-first brand’s marketing mix and how they prepare for tougher and more competitive trading conditions. 
  • Gain insights into what makes a good partner when times are tough. 
  • Take away tried and tested strategies for navigating the rough seas ahead via the partnership channel. 

Register today and we’ll also share our Optimise your partnership strategy to power through uncertainty playbook, based on the discussions from both webinars.

“Performance marketers have already benefited from the great shift to e-commerce through the last few years. Now it’s time to capture those new consumer shopping behaviours and drive traffic and sales via tried and tested partner marketing strategies. Advertisers and partners working and learning together has never been so important.”

Sean Sewell, Partnerize

You will hear from:

  • Sean Sewell, Partnerize
  • Lee Carter, Otrium 
  • April Roberts, Karen Millen
  • Helen Keighley,

The first part of the series will take place on Thursday 28th July – find out more about the partners who will be sharing their expertise here.

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