The affiliate channel is versatile and adaptable; over the past couple of years it has reacted to change rapidly whilst maintaining its effectiveness.

At PI LIVE Advanced, we heard discussions why affiliate is the power player in the customer journey.

Paul Tibbitt, President of CJ, and Kelly Merkel SVP, Global Publisher Development at CJ, discussed how customers are utilising their mobile devices in the ways that are convenient in the moment.

Following on from this, something I was particularly interested to hear about was the theory of ‘the empowered consumer’. The uncertainties of the pandemic meant that consumers began expecting more from brands, and certain verticals responded in different ways. Obviously travel had to pivot more than any other during the pandemic, so it’s really positive to see the progress of the vertical ever since.

It must be noted that consumers expect brands to maintain this level of empowerment. More flexible refunds and better saving opportunities are something that simply can’t stop because the pandemic has.

“The guaranteed outcome channel has finally been recognised as being a safe place by the C Suite…We want to do our part to ensure our elevated seat at the table continues.”

So, why does affiliate continue to be the power player in the customer journey?

“Affiliate is the amplifier of all digital marketing”

Affiliate marketing has something for everyone at every touchpoint in their journey. The channel measures every touchpoint and in turn amplifies all other efforts.

If there was anybody at PI LIVE Advanced who wasn’t yet convinced of affiliate marketing, this panel must have cemented it: “Affiliate is the channel of channels, we can do everything.

“We have the ability to use publisher partners to touch and interact with consumers no matter where they are, physically, or virtually, or mentally, where are they in consideration state and decision making process…”

Still not convinced?

The panel was keen to point out the fact that the testing you can carry out through the affiliate marketing channel is so low risk that it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Brands, and perhaps those who aren’t very promotional, may not think affiliate fits into their strategy. However, if they’re looking to amplify their efforts to attract consumers who want a certain level of promotion, they can use affiliates for cashbacks and incentives, without them having to go to a coupon site.

“Regardless of your strategy, affiliate marketing can amplify your efforts. If it’s added to the mix in an omnichannel way, you will produce incrementally better results.”

PI LIVE London is taking place on the 18th-19th October 2022, and the agenda is being formed on the basis that what you want to learn about is at the heart. Tickets are still available, with complimentary passes available for brands…

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