If the shifting sands of performance marketing can tell us anything, it’s that experience matters to consumers, whether that be when social shopping, or consuming content that points them on their way to their next purchase. A good experience is rewarded with loyalty and a bad experience with distrust. 

That’s why PI LIVE’s first tentative foray into the US market centres around just that: providing the best experience. We have taken the time to carefully curate an agenda that aims to hit the epicentre of what it means to be a brand working in the partnership marketing industry today. We aim to get to the very bottom of the challenges faced, the daily quandaries, and provide delegates with a fresh perspective on the disruptions that the coming years will bring, as well as how to get ahead of the rest. 

The aim of our agenda is to flip the script and bring disparate ends of the industry closer together, as with this broadening landscape, there is nowhere to hide when trying to create a holistic marketing strategy.

Success means something different to everyone, and that’s exemplified by the diverse topics that are represented at the show. From the diversification of partner strategies to brand value and customer experience, the ten sessions aim to give a one-day crash course on what’s happening and how to problem solve (in real-time!), plus the ‘ones to watch’ for 2022. 

A sneak peek of a session that will be featured at the show is below.

The Broadening Landscape of Partnerships

There seem to be an endless plethora of opportunities for retailers and brands to expand their traditional affiliate programmes to search for new engaged audiences elsewhere. With ‘Affiliate vs Partnerships’ being widely regarded as an irrelevant conversation and any relationship based on performance metrics able to drive ROI for brands, the world is their oyster.

So, the real question seems to be: how are smart marketers going to look at advertising levers in relation to each other, and truly view these opportunities holistically? With these new partnerships, what other parts of the funnel could be explored more broadly?

Contributors to this interesting debate include experts from DTC and brand; GaYoung Lee, Affiliate Lead at HelloFresh, and Elizabeth Hoover, Performance Marketing Manager at FreePeople.

PI LIVE Advanced will be taking place on the 26th of April at New World Stages in New York. For the full agenda, check out the website.

Brands that will be in attendance include Forbes, Tipser, Ly.st, BOLT, Klarna, Stylight, Lovehoney and Farfetch. The remaining tickets are selling fast.

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