The inaugural US Partnership Awards, programmed by PerformanceIN, are the first to recognise the importance of modern outcome-based partnerships that drive customer value, loyalty and growth.

Founder of the awards, Matthew Wood, comments: “Our partners have asked us to launch an awards programme dedicated to the US market for a number of years, and we are thrilled to make this a reality.

“As brands adopt a joined-up and holistic approach to partnerships to meet business objectives, many are using a multi-channel approach to reach and engage with consumers.

“The US Partnership Awards will aim to recognise the very best of partner marketing, which we define as including affiliate marketing, content partnerships, mobile app and brand-to-brand, alongside influencer partnerships that are increasingly structured using outcome-based KPIs.

“We feel that partnerships should ultimately drive customer and business value and be creative, supportive and cohesive. They take many forms and we’re excited to see how the new awards evolve in the years to come.”

New Advisory Board

Over the next couple of months, the team will be working with a fresh advisory board to finalise the roster of categories and confirm the breadth of the awards.

Matthew adds: “We are no longer working in a siloed world, and successful partnerships and campaigns can include multiple marketing channels and technologies working together to meet outcome-based objectives.

Affiliate marketing has an incredibly bright future; with its adoption by super-apps, content creators and content partnerships, its ability to be flexible, transparent and accountable holds it in great stead. The hard work of affiliate networks, OPMs and the Performance Marketing Association has ensured it’s a key instrument in the armoury of agile SMEs and large brands alike.

“Equally, over the last couple of years we’ve seen how important influencer partnerships have become. That’s a trend that’s not set to stall. Whilst content, app and brand-to-brand partnerships have seen equally impressive results. Our new awards will cover all of these areas and more as we celebrate creative and successful digital partnerships.

The awards will be open for entries during Q2, with the ceremony taking place in the US during Q4. To stay up to date sign up to the event newsletter.

Partnership opportunities are available – reach out to Drew Cameron for details and follow the awards on LinkedIn to be the first to know when categories are announced.