Optimus-pm will join the International Performance Marketing Awards 2021 as sponsors. The agency has shown true innovation in this case study with Victorinox, in which it proves the ability to grow and activate your publisher base. The agency began managing the Victorinox programmes on Impact and Rakuten in 2019 for the UK, German and French markets. With goals to increase brand awareness, drive sales and increase traffic growth, the agency showed true success.

Being a heritage brand, it was important for Victorinox’s high-end image to be protected while a sustainable affiliate programme was delivered. This required a very considered approach to the affiliate mix.

Optimus-pm prides itself on being an extension of its client’s marketing team, and they have developed a strong bond with Victorinox based on trust and transparency between agency and client. They have formed strong established relationships with affiliates and networks to work closely together to get the best results for their clients.

Optimus-pm has become an integral part of Victorinox’s marketing team, sharing best practice across the teams and creating consistent messaging across all territories and ensuring that the affiliate programme complimented the overall strategy.


In 2020, the objectives for the Victorinox programme were as follows:

  • Grow the affiliate base with emphasis on increasing the number of active publishers by 20%
  • Increase clicks by 10%
  • Increase revenues and sales by 20%


The UK, German and French programmes have all seen substantial growth in the affiliate channel and exceeded expectations with:

  • Revenue increased by 93% in the UK, 31% in Germany and by 201% in France, all being over the target of 20% revenue in each territory
  • Clicks increased Y/Y by 24% in the UK, 87% in Germany and 4% in France, exceeding the 10% target set in UK and Germany and seeing an increase in France
  • The number of active publishers on the programme increased by 30% in the UK, 54% in Germany and 56% in France
  • The number of sales through the affiliate channel increased by 106% in the UK, 73% in Germany and 193% in France – substantially exceeding the targets set of 20% in each country

Tina Baraga, Global Social Media Manager at Victorinox said: “Optimus has been an integral part of the Victorinox marketing team when it comes to affiliate marketing. They have provided first-class expertise and guidance, are very easy to work with and have simultaneously delivered great results that have exceeded our initial targets.”

Mel Blue, Director of Affiliate Marketing at Optimus-pm said: “Victorinox is a really interesting account to work on, especially as we keep the iconic brand image in mind. The client has really welcomed their affiliate channel into their marketing strategy and Optimus-pm forms a key part of their team.

“Various other channels are liaised with regularly as we find innovative solutions to issues we face, and different teams at Victorinox have their input into new ideas that we run through the affiliate channel. It results in a well-rounded and well-informed approach, as we deliver results in-line with their business objectives.”

See the full case study on the Optimus-pm site to see how they delivered exceptional results.

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