As we near the end of 2021, there is a palpable sense of change, and even optimism, around the issues of environmental sustainability. Back in late 2019, when BravoVoucher launched its first Green Friday initiative, it provoked a lot of conversation. Greta Thunberg was berating politicians for their inaction, and David Attenborough was about to release his compelling and thought-provoking documentary, “A life on our Planet”. But actual commitment to change at a national and governmental level still seemed far away.

Fast forward two years to today, after a year that has seen some of the most extreme weather events ever recorded, and whilst there is still much to do, we have cause to feel more optimistic. At the time of writing, COP26 is about to take place, there are reasonably solid targets and deadlines being committed to worldwide governments and Boris Johnson publicly recognised that the buck stops with the current generation for meaningful change.

At BravoVoucher, we are again looking forward to our flagship event, Green Friday, when we will be joining with our merchant partners and consumers to drive eco-friendly deals over Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping peak. Last year, in conjunction with our partner, Eden Forestation Projects, over 260,000 trees were planted. 2020 also saw the launch of our first mid year event, Green June, which added a further 64,000 trees. Over the years a number of advertisers have taken part in our Green PPC product, further contributing to the number of trees we have planted. 

“The Sustainability PPC campaign was different to others I’ve run with clients before and the element on sustainability made it more interesting, so I was very keen on Clarins approving the campaign. It was great to see the orders coming through and knowing it was helping plant trees as part of the Eden Reforestation Project. The performance of this campaign has been strong , especially as we have not worked with BravoVoucher before and the team have been so great to work with.” Ella French, Rakuten

On Black Friday, 26th November, BravoVoucher and our sister sites that make up Bravo Savings Network across the UK, EU and USA will again launch our month long Green Friday challenge. Our Green Friday page provides a platform for ethically conscious advertisers and consumers to find each other and enjoy deals that support the environment. We hope to welcome back many of the 140 brands that took part in 2020 and welcome many more. Our target this year is 350,000 trees, a tree for every sale made across our footprint.

If you would like to know more about Green Friday and our other green initiatives, come and have a chat with our friendly team at PI LIVE, Stand 7.