It’s hard to believe how quickly this year has gone – it seems as if the summer period has just arrived, but it’s already the time to start getting things in shape for the festive season.

There’s only a few weeks left to add those finishing touches to your plans for Black Friday and Christmas.

E-marketer forecasts total retail sales to rise by just 1.7% this season. But digital sales alone are expected to climb 11.7%.

Given the combined importance of both digital and the final quarter of 2021, online marketers know they simply have to maximise their results for the period. While most teams have been prepping for months, responsible marketers appreciate that even the brightest ideas can arrive when it’s nearly crunch time.

We’re now approaching the end of Q3 – the perfect time to consider easy-to implement tactics, which are proven to deliver massive results.

Why should you care?

There are many common issues that occur if a well-thought out strategy isn’t implemented. At this time of year, cart abandonment is rife, with customers shopping around and comparing prices on various sites, especially around Black Friday.

With this in mind, RevLifter has condensed 14 quick-to-implement e-commerce strategies that will have you driving better results within days.

This annual holiday eGuide is designed for online retailers that want more conversions, revenue, and AOV. Explore learnings from 100+ brands at the top of their game to reveal:

  • How to proactively stop cart abandonment by deal-seeking customers
  • Ways of preventing price comparison shopping around Black Friday
  • Tips for driving AOV through cross-selling
  • How to gamify your promotional strategies
  • A quick route to saving thousands of sales through error-code offers

RevLifter’s insightful and game-changing e-commerce strategies provide an alternative to blanket, margin-reducing promotions around key events like Cyber Week. Together, the 14 tips deliver average performance boosts of +30% CVR and +20% AOV when channeled through the multi-award-winning technology.

If you’re looking to break your sales targets in Q4, this is the eGuide for you.

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