At PerformanceIN, we’re passionate about the fact that affiliate marketing can be utilised to achieve great results whether you are enterprise-level or nano or micro SME. 

During the pandemic, there has been a surge in SMEs adopting the channel. With many suppliers offering integrations with Shopify, or WooCommerce; integration has never been easier.

Keen and flexible contract terms are often available with many technology providers for SME businesses and we’ve even negotiated some exclusive sign-up offers.

We want to aid SMEs with as much helpful, unbiased information and guidance as possible to secure their first sale via affiliate marketing.

Why is affiliate marketing right for your business?

The industry can seem a complex one to get stuck into, but we promise it is never as complex as it originally seems, and the opportunity to scale your e-commerce sales via affiliates and influencers is unrivalled.

You’ll never pay more than you can afford based on your profit margins and as all activity is performance-driven, you’ll never pay unless you make a sale.

Who and what is the guide for?

The Affiliate Marketing Tracking Matrix aims to serve as a comparison matrix of the current affiliate network and SaaS offerings available that have products aimed at the SME market; from nano and micro to thriving SMEs.

With comparisons of commission overrides, contract lengths, number of active affiliates and integrations and much more, the guide will save you hours of research time.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the networks and SaaS platforms featured and make sure you mention the guide and take up the various exclusive discounts on offer.

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