Champions of the channel know that partnership is a critical component in their marketing mix and understand its benefits. Despite this, there are many who have not yet discovered the secret to achieving profitable growth from their partnerships.

It is for those marketers that challenge the status quo for whom Partnerize has created their upcoming virtual event. An industry first, the 24-hour global experience will begin on the 23rd of June at 9am in London and will end on the 24th June at 6pm in Sydney. 

The concept of Global Partnership Day was established to help marketers on the road to achieving the omnipresence required to meet the modern consumer where they are. Given the number of touchpoints available and information accessible, reaching and influencing audiences is more complex than ever before. Partnership offers a solution to this challenge, offering scale with outcome based results, it allows marketers the operating leverage they need to embrace this shift to consumer control. Global Partnership Day will examine the full partnership ecosystem, the levers available to marketers to bolster their wider marketing programs and real-life examples of the results this versatile channel can deliver. 

The sessions will range from panels that feature representatives from iconic companies such as Charlotte Tilbury, eMarketer, Expedia, Farfetch and Emirates, to keynotes and one on one discussions that explore prevalent industry topics like brand to brand partnerships and newly emerging partner types. This event seeks to acknowledge the nuances of regions and align on the global movement for the position of the partnership channel to a primary sales and marketing channel. 

Spaces for Global Partnership Day are limited and registering for the sessions you wish to attend is a must! This is one industry event you frankly can not afford to miss, so make sure to secure your space.

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