In case you were unable to make the session, or you’re just curious to learn more about successful brand collaborations, today we are providing a roundup of the masterclass.

Nic Yates, Performance Account Director and Anthony Bingham, Senior Affiliate and Partnership Manager at Silverbean hosted the masterclass. The hosts were joined by a panel of experts including James Cristal, Senior Partnerships Manager at Motorway and Rob Hanlon, Global Partnerships Director at Readly, who shared their expertise and the benefits they’re reaping from b2b partnerships.

The session, which reached full capacity, focused on educating the audience and providing advice. We will dive into some of the points now, which will hopefully let you gain some understanding of the main points which were discussed…


If brand partnerships are to work, ample tracking capabilities are essential. The panel discussed the importance of assessing tracking capabilities before diving into partnerships, including affiliate tracking, third-party analytics and alternative tracking such as QR codes, voucher tracking and online to offline tracking.

Those involved…

Nic Yates discussed the different roles within brand to brand partnerships, including affiliate managers and partnership managers, and how these are likely to be the people brands work with when setting up these partnerships for their own businesses.

What benefits can you provide?

Anthony Bingham commented: “The tendency when looking at a new partnership channel, particularly because it sits within the performance space, is to assume that the only objective that your brand will want to achieve is new customer acquisition.

“Make sure you consider all options and look inwards first and consider whether or not you’re able to work on a reciprocal basis, is going to unlock more doors with prospective partners.”

What assets can you offer partners? 

The goal is to put yourself in the strongest position possible for when you’re opening up discussions with potential partners. It’s definitely worth doing an audit of your assets so you and your team have a clear understanding of exactly what you can bring to the table. Vice versa – your partner should be doing the same for you.

This leads me nicely to the objectives for brand to brand partnerships. Obviously, depending on the brand, objectives will differ, but Anthony commented on the main two: monetisation and customer acquisition. Considering these when meeting with potential partners will allow you to pick and choose the brands that are aiming for similar objectives, making the recruitment process much more streamlined.

Silverbean and the panel provided our attendees with a well-rounded, expertly researched, deep dive into how affiliate and digital marketing managers looking to expand their brand’s audience and increase revenue can do so through relationships. Digesting this information and utilising the tools and advice that Silverbean has to offer could be key in helping brands shape their own strategies for the future. Learn more about brand to brand partnerships and how to leverage them successfully via Silverbean’s website.

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