Daniel Baptiste-Pilkington, Partnerships Lead at Honey UK, led the discussion between April Roberts, Partnerships Manager at MandM Direct, Richard Lane, UK Lead at eBay Partner Network and Carolina Paradas, Global Senior Affiliates & CLO Manager at Harvey Nichols.

It is widely known that 2020 was a huge year for ecommerce – it boomed as an industry during the pandmic so hearing from the panelists, who are all from a retail background, although different areas of retail, was incredibly insightful.

They raised the point that many people used the period leading up to Black Friday to shop for Christmas presents, and that period usually continues for longer. They suspected this was likely due to people watching their spending more following the tough months leading up to the period.

Carolina also commented on the fact that following the announcement of the UK lockdown in December 2020, Harvey Nichols’ next-day delivery service boomed due to people panicking about getting all of their Christmas shopping done.

The full recording of the roundtable is available below, where you’ll be able to tune into insight-packed session and learn some valuable information.