Wavemaker, a leading media planning and buying agency, has launched 3PC – a programme which includes an audit comprising 250+ questions to identify risk and help prioritise the development of new solutions, ensuring brand-owners understand the scale of the impact and where they need to create change.

The programme stress-tests third-party cookieless solutions on client activity, covering various sectors and analyses different forms of identity resolution.

Born out of the ongoing debate surrounding the demise of the third-party cookie, and the general implications for privacy and identity in the future, 3PC gives brand-owners an immediate advantage in ensuring their digital activity will be primed to navigate a new landscape.

3PC focuses on three main areas to ensure their clients are best placed to take advantage of this new phase for digital advertising:

  • Aligning a business’s data strategy with a cookieless future
  • Prioritising, testing and adopting new technology solutions
  • Re-mapping the full spectrum of media, data and technology partners to drive maximum advantage for clients across the entire ecosystem

Predictions around what happens next have been taking place ever since Google announced that it will restrict third-party cookies in Chrome in 2022. With Apple sharing their plans to enable app tracking transparency as part of the IOS 14 update, it’s only accelerated the volume of opinions being shared.

Christiaan Lette, Chief Digital Officer, commented: “This seismic change in our landscape creates both challenges and opportunities for all clients, not just the big digital spenders. Whilst alternative solutions are generating a lot of discussion, we can’t wait for the industry to settle on the perfect
approach. Advertisers should instead be acting now to navigate the changing ecosystem and ensure they are prepared for the changes.

“We commit that all of our clients will be prepared to enter a world without third-party cookies by June 2021.”

Paul Hutchison, CEO, said: “Navigating a cookieless world is of paramount importance to every advertiser, so I’m pleased that our Positive Provocation attitude has fuelled the development of this first for our clients. Change always creates uncertainty but, at Wavemaker, we believe there is always a better way to grow.”