Dorothy Perkins is a staple of the High Street and the Groupon Reach Network is a well known discount publisher that loves to push the boundaries of traditional affiliate marketing. The challenge was to change customers’ perception of the Dorothy Perkins brand – leading customers away from the ‘summer wardrobe’ looks Dorothy Perkins are most known for and more towards a ‘winter wardrobe’.


From the start of the campaign, Dorothy Perkins was clear on the objectives to pursue. The targets were selected to push the account further than previous years and needed to demonstrate a significant performance increase for their affiliate marketing strategy as a whole. Because of this, The Groupon Reach Network was benchmarked on:

  • 100% increase in revenue YoY
  • 90% increase in sales YoY
  • 30% Conversion Rate during peak periods YoY
  • 100% increase in instore sales YoY


To achieve the objectives the Groupon Reach Network needed to attract customers at all points of the purchase journey – inspiration, consideration, decision, conversion and pull on every platforms and channels available within the Reach Network.

  • Geo-listening & Time Sensitive Geo-conquesting – collecting location data and targeting users with an exclusive ‘Winter Wardrobe’ code & pushing exclusive DP messaging to users shopping in competitor stores
  • Microsite Quiz Competition – Segmenting data via different questions to re-target accordingly
  • Paid Social Pushes – pushing the microsite across social platforms to create new customer engagement
  • PPC Burst Campaign – driving traffic to the optimised merchant page to increase conversions
  • Onsite Banners + Email Sends – across all platforms to engage all users across GRN platforms
  • Mirror Winter Fashion Article Inclusion – featured in a fashion content piece ensures branding.
  • Mirror Social Platform Push – using an outside social platform to drive users to the exclusive code

Creativity & innovation

One of our more creative undertakings with this campaign was bringing Wheel of Fortune to Dorothy Perkins’ flagship Oxford Street store. There were various online and instore discounts that customers could win by spinning the wheel, and for added incentive, we also added higher value prizes to increase participation.

Our geo-conquest of competitor stores took a unique spin (excuse the pun) on average geo-campaigns. Instead of targeting the Dorothy Perkins stores, GRN actively incentivised users who shop with competitor brands with a strong discount. Additionally, the Microsite competition served as an innovative and engaging way to gather data throughout the campaign. We utilised paid social placements across all relevant platforms to attract customers, and with that strategy, we were able to expand beyond our database and interact with new users and customers too.


  • 193.48% increase in revenue achieved YoY
  • 209.38% increase in sales achieved YoY
  • 33.6% Conversion Rate during peak periods achieved YoY
  • 100% increase in in-store sales achieved YoY

The campaign excelled in all avenues and ensured an overwhelming revenue and sales increase for the brand while also hitting out conversion rate and instore targets. One standout exposure piece was the retargeting of the microsite competition. During the campaign period, this strategy contributed 30% to overall revenue generated. During the spinning wheel section of the campaign, we gave out 200 discounts – 65% of which then converted into sales.


The ‘Find Your Winter Wardrobe’ campaign for Dorothy Perkins centred around the idea of trying to change consumer perceptions of Dorothy Perkins’ winter offerings, as well as engaging audiences in a new and insightful way with our unique exposure opportunities for the brand with something special and new. By combining all elements of the campaign across every domain within the Groupon Reach Network, we were able to innovate by attracting customers at all points of the purchase journey – inspiration, consideration, decision, conversion and in-store too – across The Mirror, Mumsnet, The Guardian, Vouchercloud and Groupon.