Lilly Likes is a social/ content publisher with a portfolio of Facebook pages. Our largest page is travel-focused. Wowcher as a business is split into three key areas, Local deals: which are typically services, National goods: which are products and Travel deals. They were specifically looking to grow their travel side of the business within UK Breaks and International Travel. With most publishers driving traffic to a mix of their deals they wanted to tap into a specific and targeted audience.


In order to deliver on this, we started posting on our Facebook page with a mix of travel deals. We saw high engagement across these posts. Due to the nature of the platform many users to share and tag friends. This allowed the posts to get a high reach and in term drive volumes of traffic to the client.


As a part of the strategy Wowcher started to share their top performing travel deals with us twice a week to ensure we were always promoting the right content. In addition, we also posted a few other deals to test and identify what resonated with our audience. Through this process we identified glamping and hot tub breaks were big traffic drives. These weren’t always included in the top deals shared by Wowcher. Through this process we were able to understand what worked for our audience and Wowcher rather than putting generic content in front of our audience.

Creativity & innovation

In order to deliver the strong results, we had to work very closely with Wowcher and it was very much a two-way partnership that was dynamic. Typically, advertisers book in exposure and it’s very short term. Due to the nature of Wowcher being a deals site it means some of the offers are short-lived and there is a large volume. They were able to direct us on the right path, coupled with our testing it proved to work great!


We’ve managed to achieve 1275% YoY growth which is astonishing, and we are now a key partner for Wowcher. Due to our audience being so specific we do over index other revenue sources for the travel department.


Overall, the campaign has been successful, and we continue to work closely with Wowcher. They’ve been a key partner to support our own growth and it has been a mutually beneficial partnership.