VoucherCodes’ gated offer platform, created to provide NHS staff with exclusive discounts as a thank you for working on the front line against COVID-19, has reported a successful first quarter, having driven £750,000 in retail sales since its launch in May.

The platform uses bespoke verification technology in order to function as a gated offer platform for those with valid NHS email addresses – allowing brands to confidently run large discounts solely for NHS employees.

Since its launch in May, VoucherCodes has worked with 76 UK retailers to provide NHS staff with exclusive offers, and as a result, the platform has saved NHS staff a total of over £150,000 as they shopped online during the peak of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, fashion retailers have reported particular success from VoucherCodes’ NHS platform, with women’s fashion brands seeing the highest volume of sales from NHS staff, closely followed by homes and garden brands and men’s fashion retailers.

“We’re delighted to report such a strong start for our NHS platform. Upon seeing the Covid-19 pandemic unfold at the beginning of this year, we knew that we needed to be able to give our brand partners a way of showing their thanks to NHS staff working tirelessly against the virus, but our other priority was ensuring that we could host these extra special NHS discounts in a secure way. Our verification technology has meant we can gate these offers for just NHS workers, enabling us to facilitate some truly fantastic savings,” said Angus Drummond, commercial director at VoucherCodes.co.uk.

“Despite the peak being behind us, the fight against Covid-19 is still very much ongoing. The NHS platform is a permanent fixture on our site, allowing our retailers to continue to host exclusive NHS offers beyond Covid-19. We’ll also proudly continue to donate 10% of what we make from these offers to NHS Charities Together,” Drummond added.

“We’re thrilled to have been part of VoucherCodes’ efforts in making life a bit more affordable for NHS workers during such a difficult time. VoucherCodes’ gated offer platform has enabled us to offer discounts exclusively for NHS workers, and it’s been humbling to see that so many NHS staff have saved money as a result,” commented Kyla Downton, UK Digital Marketing Manager at Boden.

“In a continuous show of thanks to each and every member of the NHS, we’re looking forward to working with VoucherCodes to provide exclusive NHS codes going forward – supporting us in doing what we can to give back to our NHS heroes,” Kyla continued.