Skimlinks has been acquired by Connexity, an independent source of new customers and sales for online retailers, to form the world’s largest independent customer acquisition channel for e-commerce. Connexity’s combined reach with Skimlinks will drive sales worth $2.5 billion per year. 

Online publishers are increasingly turning to lead generation commerce revenue as a way to increase monetisation of their loyal shopping audiences. Publishers are looking to expand and diversify those monetisation sources to include cost-per-click budgets in addition to traditional CPA budgets.

Bringing Connexity’s longstanding direct retailer advertising relationships to Skimlinks’ impressive network of publishers will be a big step forward in providing easy access to those cost-per-click budgets and enabling both improved monetisation yield and diversification. 

“Our solutions help retailers acquire new customers and sales while enabling ecommerce-oriented publishers to monetise engaged shopping audiences. Combining the companies creates more scale on both sides of the marketplace,” said Bill Glass, CEO of Connexity.

Merchants advertising on Connexity will benefit from easy access to new, high-quality traffic sources on Skimlinks like marquee publishers such as Condé Nast, DotDash, Hearst, Vox Media and over half of the top100 publishers globally.

Connexity’s enterprise publishers and ShopYourLikes social influencer partners will also benefit from access to CPA affiliate advertising budgets from over 48,500 retail advertisers live on the Skimlinks platform.

Publishers using Skimlinks will benefit from access to incremental cost-per-click monetization in budgets of premium Connexity merchants including brands like Dell, Wayfair, Chewy, Kohl’s, Skechers and more.

Skimlinks advertising partners will also obtain easy access to Connexity’s premium publisher and social influence marketing network without any incremental work.

“Our combined scale will fortify Connexity as a critical customer acquisition channel for retailers and will strengthen publisher monetization solutions”, commented Sebastien Blanc, CEO of Skimlinks.

“By marrying Connexity’s CPC search budgets with the broad CPA affiliate monetisation coverage of Skimlinks, we provide best-in-class monetisation for publishers,” he added.