Affiliate marketing technology and services provider Pepperjam has announced an integrated partnership with RevLifter to bring turnkey AI-personalisation to the affiliate channel on a performance-based payment model.

RevLifter, the real-time personalisation technology provider joins Pepperjams partner ecosystem, which collectively delivers best-in-class capabilities and rapid integration for growth marketers leveraging Pepperjam’s Ascend™ affiliate marketing cloud.

As part of the partnership, brands using Pepperjam Ascend™ can now access and deploy RevLifter AI-powered personalisation solution through their existing Pepperjam integration so that they can measure the impact lifetime value of consumers while increasing average order value and conversion rate.

In addition, brands can maintain engagement levels throughout the checkout experience by delivering authentic, customised content as well as connecting with and acquiring high-intent consumers and fueling new without sacrificing return on marketing spend.

“Personalisation and offer optimization are critical tools for marketers seeking to increase cart conversion rates and achieve more sustainable unit economics,” said Matt Gilbert, CEO of Pepperjam. “Our integration with RevLifter makes Pepperjam the industry’s leading affiliate cloud platform with a turnkey, fully automated solution for personalised content on a performance-based pricing model. This powerful combination creates vital operating leverage for marketers. The RevLifter Ascend™ solution is another weapon in the arsenal of marketers seeking scaled, safe, and measurable growth subsidies to their primary sales and marketing channels.”

“In an increasingly competitive environment, brands need to generate a valuable connection with their consumers,” said Simon Bird, Co-Founder and CEO at RevLifter; “Otherwise, these consumers seek alternatives from the competitive set, or they default to Amazon. RevLifter’s solutions add relevance to customer touchpoints that enables marketers to cultivate an authentic relationship with the consumer and maintain a level of engagement up to and following the point of conversion at a controlled cost. Our integration with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform delivers a competitive advantage to marketers leveraging the combined solution.”