Do you waste time managing leads on a spreadsheet?
Do you waste time on manual reporting?
Do you need real-time validation?
Do you feel you could improve your leads conversion rates?
Are you not making the most of your valuable limited hours?
Do you maximise your  ROI by nurturing & re-engaging your leads?

If you are unhappy with how you answered these questions, then you need a lead management system!

How does it work to help increase your sales?

1. Manage your leads like a pro

If you have been spending hours and hours manually working your way through spreadsheets, then a lead management system will benefit you more than you could ever imagine. When you centralise your lead management process, you remove the need for manual file handling and you can reallocate the time spent on this unnecessary task towards other business-critical tasks.

With a lead management system like LeadByte, your business can save up 10 hours per week as well as increase your leads by up to 40%! Managing your leads like a pro is a sure-fire way to ensure your businesses success. If you need more information on how you can implement a lead management system into your business model, click on the link and be blown away!

2. Maximise a campaigns potential through real-time reporting

In the new fast-paced digital world in which we live, where everything happens instantly, real-time reporting is everything. Do you know how your buyers and suppliers are performing? Which lead nurturing campaigns are working most effectively? What are your current conversion rates?

If you cannot answer these questions you are not running your campaigns to the best of their ability. These statistics should be tracked on a day to day basis so that you can maximise your lead campaigns. When you can see where you are going wrong in real-time, you can also change them in real-time thus saving your business money and increasing the number of leads you generate per campaign! Manual reporting is a thing of the dark ages, come into the 21st century with us and our lead management software – this information is just a click away. 

3. Validate your leads, boost conversion rates & increase sales

Waste not, want not – the same rules apply to lead management. It is absolutely crucial to any led management system that you eliminate as much waste as is possible. In doing so, you are able to fully optimise your lead campaigns because you are able to validate every single incoming lead as well as being able to remove invalid leads that will never convert! In addition to all this (yes there is more) you can build customized filters that ensure you only receive relevant leads. All of the above reasons contribute to you increasing your sales and revenue in a matter of weeks! 

4. Automate your lead distribution

Did you know that when you automate your lead distribution, you can collect, validate and distribute leads in real-time as well as translate your data and receive system alerts? All of which increase your sales! Automation has so many fantastic time and money making benefits – one of them being the implementation of SMART rules into the lead management system that determine the kinds of leads you will get prior to them being delivered! Now that’s managing leads like a pro.

5. Increase ROI by nurturing & re-engaging your leads

Following up on leads is so important! Why? Because it can mean the difference between a sale and no sale – sounds obvious right? Wrong. So many businesses forget to re-engage old leads or existing/previous customers and it takes its toll on the number of leads that come in. A good lead management system will enable you to re-target customers with follow up transactional and marketing messages at the click of a button!

LeadByte, in particular, has an autoresponder tech which is based solely around client requirements making them pretty unique within the market! The SMS tracking goes the extra mile with fantastic tracking tools and multiple routing and these are just some of the fabulous features on offer.

As you can see, a comprehensive lead management system is absolutely essential to your sales success. Have you got any other helpful tips that are sure to help businesses with their sales please get in touch!

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