After 14 years working in affiliate marketing, Jason Akatiff now invests his time into analysing market trends to create the future growth strategy for A4D as the firm’s chief executive officer.

One thing Akatiff truly believes in is building solid and sustainable businesses with long term value. From his experience of witnessing people try and make a quick buck in the affiliate world versus building something of true sustained value; his mission is to work with and grow people who share his vision of building sustainable, compliant, and long term performance businesses.

With this in mind, it was a pleasure to have Akatiff host his Keynote session How to Tap into the Best Media Buyers in the World Without Losing Your Ass! at PI LIVE this year, discussing the future opportunities surrounding media buying for affiliates. We spoke to the man himself to delve deeper into the topic as well as where affiliate marketing is heading globally into 2020 and best practice for marketers to ensure they execute programs effectively.

Watch the interview above and catch up with all our highlights from PI LIVE 2019.