Piggy is a consumer-first browser extension that gives consumers the confidence they are buying products at the best possible price from the most trusted retailers.

Through offering voucher content, cashback direct to consumer or by simply price matching and comparing brands, consumers are certain to have peace of mind when purchasing via Piggy.

Our users find value in our product due to the ease of use, the exclusive benefits that come from being a member and the ability to simplify and shorten their shopping journey. 

How and why you entered the affiliate marketing industry

Taking into account the sort of content that we wanted to provide our users from day one, the affiliate marketing channel seemed the obvious choice as our initial launchpad. Relationships with networks and key agencies have given us a clear route to market and allowed us to secure strong content and offer for our users whilst building relationships with some of the world’s leading brands along the way.

With the use of aggregated voucher and product feeds, the networks have allowed us to build out our databases with relevant and refreshed content on a daily basis. As well as this, the tracking solutions and commission model lends itself perfectly to our core cashback offering.

The relationships that networks and agencies hold with their clients is invaluable and has played a big part in growing Piggy to what it is today. As Piggy continues to grow in key international markets (including extended growth in the EU), these relationships will remain pivotal.

What have you learnt about the industry (good and bad)

It is fundamental to ensure that our product is available in as many markets as possible from the “get-go”. With the right framework, we have been able to pick up new network partnerships in new markets relatively easily and this plays a big part in our extensive growth strategy.

With this global infrastructure in mind, we are conscious that we must have our “finger on the pulse” for each region and ensure we have our users wants and needs catered for. From having the most recognisable brands to helping new up and coming businesses and boutiques increase their brand awareness, this all comes from localised expertise.

A challenge, as most global publishers and businesses are no doubt aware, is the changing of consumer demand on a market-by-market basis. Everything from purchase trends to in-market language and perceptions can impact your day to day performance we must be agile in order to overcome and adapt to the challenges that arise as a result of this.

Growth in 2019/last 12 months

We have maintained a high level of growth in the last 12 to 18 months and 2019 so far has been no exception. We are keen to ensure that every element of Piggy continues to develop, from our number of active users, the advertisers we work with, the markets we are available in and the product itself.

This year we have made our presence in the EMEA markets more structured with the introduction of headcount on the ground. We are attending more events and visiting more partners within the market. 

Although our user count continues to grow at a fast pace, our retention rate remains above 95% and that is a true testament to the hard work being put in place to ensure our product is adding the right value at the right time and in the right place.

We now work with over 5,000 retailers globally but are keen to continue this effort by adding even more.