Technology publisher Smarter Click has announced the opening of its new Hong Kong office, officially marking off the company launch into the APAC region.

The expansion is the second within 12 months for the leading site abandonment, analytics and personalisation solution, following a huge rise in demand from brands in the APAC market looking to collaborate with Smarter Click to deliver a more dynamic and personalised online user journey.

As part of the new office launch, the operation will be lead by Smarter Click’s APAC market lead Charles Alston as the company continues to push forward its innovative solution in onsite personalisation. Smarter Click anticipates their technology to be highly relevant to APAC businesses.

“The region’s diverse populations and advanced delivery infrastructure have paved the way for a booming eCommerce market, meaning that our product and services are well positioned to drive value for all brands in the region,” says Ennis Al Saiegh, CEO and co-founder of Smarter Click.

The APAC region is highly diverse and boasts a vast tech-savvy consumer market with over 90% of the total population engaged online. The growth in online transactions – banking, bill payment and purchasing – is at the core of a revolution in customer service delivery, a revolution that Smarter Click intends to catalyse.

Smarter Click already has an established customer base in the region, working with a wide variety of brands predominantly in the retail space. In addition, the company continues to drive innovation in improving the voucher code space, having recently launched its Smarter Codes product in a bid to end the ongoing challenges around poor voucher code practice, giving retail brands total transparency and control over their code usage.

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