Pernix, a digital marketing attribution application solution that brings transparency to advertisers’ performance marketing programs, has launched. Pernix combines attribution and analytical data with program tracking to make authentic, trackable program performance a reality.  

Created to work in conjunction with affiliate and partnership networks and platforms, the suite of products supports the performance marketing ecosystem, including advertisers, partners, networks and agencies, and deepens the true value of the industry by finding the ROI in programs. Pernix enables a more efficient allocation of marketing dollars into the partnership and affiliate channels.

Pernix was founded by members of the PartnerCentric leadership team and has an advisory board made up of innovators in the space. Having seen brands lower commissions, switch technologies and even cut their investments due to a lack of trust in third-party attribution, they wanted to put the customer first and create a tool that helps create trusted and valuable partnerships. They hope it will kick-start a movement within the digital marketing ecosystem and promote its continued growth.

“We created Pernix because we wanted to make the tools that will govern the future of our industry, and promote its continued growth. Pernix empowers leaders with the real, data-driven insights they need to uncover the true ROI of their partnership campaigns,” said Stephanie Harris, co-founder of Pernix.

The solution offers trackable performance by putting advertisers in charge of attribution logic. Advertisers can also eliminate the conflict of interest involved in their third-party marketing platforms by doing their own tracking, and removes third-party tags from advertisers’ websites, which keeps load times down and stops other platforms from collecting customers’ data.

“Pernix’s disruptive approach to helping marketers move beyond the historically siloed and opaque attribution logic of the affiliate category is long overdue,” commented Matt Gilbert, CEO, Pepperjam.

“Pernix is not only solving this long-standing industry pain point, but it is also reinventing the digital marketing ecosystem. As Pernix continues to elevate the overall value of the performance marketing industry, I am fully in support of its mission as a member of the advisory board,” added Patrick Albano, consultant and CRO, Side Street Ventures.