This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, insight and experiences with peers. Topics could include advice on optimising partnerships, ROI, programme attribution or how to get the most from your affiliate network or SaaS platform. You could even vent frustrations to kick-start collaboration for positive industry change.

All articles will be promoted on PerformanceIN, included in our weekly digest and social channels.

It’s not only great personal branding but an opportunity to give back and help others who may be starting off on their journey in the affiliate marketing industry.

To begin with, we are seeking contributions from Advertiser, Publishers and Agencies.

Industry Insider Format

Each article should concentrate on an individual topic, it can be as granular as you feel appropriate and where possible include actionable advice. Over time we hope the column will become a valuable bank of knowledge that can be referred back to enjoyed by the community for many years to come.

Get Involved

To express your interest in contributing to the Affiliate Marketing Insiders’ Column or to suggest a colleague, please contact and the team will get back to you with further details.