The Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) program has added a new brand safety capability following advertisers requests for third parties to help them manage their brand safety controls for campaigns on Facebook. Ad measurement platform, DoubleVerify and video content rating platform, OpenSlate are the first two companies to be certified.

The brand safety capability for FMP aims to help Facebook advertisers “connect with trusted third parties like DoubleVerify and OpenSlate to apply their preferred controls on campaigns.” The program is a step towards addressing the need for more brand safety controls and offers some much-needed transparency on the platform. Facebook said it will continue to enable partners to build new solutions that will assist advertisers in reviewing content options and controlling where their ads appear.

DoubleVerify enables advertisers to target their ads away from undesirable apps. In a press release, DoubleVerify’s CEO, Wayne Gattinella said “Protecting brand reputation is critical for large digital advertisers. We share Facebook’s commitment to maintain a trusted and transparent marketplace, and we’re excited about this new initiative.”

OpenSlate allows advertisers to visualise, optimise and automate targeting on major video platforms and provides advertisers with brand-suitable targeting solutions, as opposed to simply monitoring exposure to inappropriate content.

Facebook’s brand safety certification could potentially increase the number of advertisers on the platform.

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