CM Group — a hub of marketing technology companies including Campaign Monitor, Delivra and Emma — has announced the acquisitions of Sailthru and Liveclicker, adding nearly $60 million in revenue and 540 new customers, including Bloomberg, Samsung and Fashion Nova. 

Sailthru, a cross-channel experience management platform, and Liveclicker, a provider of real-time email personalisation solutions for marketers will now bring easy to use, effective and scalable enterprise solutions to the company.

Liveclicker’s ability to deliver live and geographically relevant content allows its advertisers to connect with consumers without the complexity of legacy solutions or the risk of sharing out-of-date, irrelevant content to subscribers. Sailthru’s advertisers include Business Insider, Refinery29 and JustFab and other Fortune 500 retailers and publishing enterprises. These organisations use the platform to connect and personalise the customer and audience experience across different channels such as email, web and mobile channels, using a combination of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and other data science-driven capabilities. 

Both Liveclicker and Sailthru’s products and product roadmaps will remain in place following the acquisition.

“The CM Group vision is to be the most respected, fastest growing family of marketing technology companies in the world,” said Wellford Dillard, CEO of CM Group; “Sailthru and Liveclicker are extraordinary technologies capable of solving important marketing problems, and we will be making additional investments in the businesses to further accelerate their growth.”

Personalisation is key

Personalisation has been the next step for CM Group and its plans to help brands connect with their customers. Dillard told PerformanceIN that as they grow closer to audiences through one-to-one conversation, personalisation should be the cornerstone of any marketing strategy – email and otherwise.

“It goes without saying that engagement rates improve when you care about what your customers care about. While tapping into behavioural analytics has been a staple of practitioners for several years, it’s only with today’s advancing AI technology that marketers are able to truly harness this wealth of knowledge quickly and efficiently; by adjusting outreach in real-time to match the individual tastes of customers,” added Dillard.

With the acquisitions of Sailthru and Liveclicker, CM Group now has more than 500 employees and over 300,000 customers globally.