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Sovrn Acquires VigLink to Expand its Suite of Publisher Products

Sovrn Acquires VigLink to Expand its Suite of Publisher Products


Sovrn has acquired VigLink to expand its suite of products and services for publishers of all shapes and sizes.

After recently raising $25 million in new funding, tech firm Sovrn has acquired San Francisco-based affiliate company VigLink.

Sovrn enables a professional class of storytellers to do more of what they want to do by providing tools for content creation, distribution, monetisation, operations and capital. Meanwhile, VigLink helps publishers monetise by automatically inserting affiliate links, which are driving nearly $1 billion in annual sales.

“VigLink was founded on the realisation that the value publishers deliver to audiences and advertisers is not adequately recognised,” said Oliver Roup, founder and CEO of VigLink.

The acquisition of VigLink will create a suite of new commerce products and services, which will provide Sovrn publishers more tools to generate revenue from the content they create and consumers they reach.

The portfolios of publishers on the internet will include more than 50,000 independent sites and 250 million daily active consumers in reach. For publishers, Sovrn Commerce will offer the simplest, most effective way to earn more of the commercial value they generate and, for the first time, Sovrn’s subscription software services will earn more than its traditional advertising exchange.

Publishers of all shapes and sizes will be able to tap into the entire customer journey, rewarding them for the interest and intent they’ve created, which means more insights and opportunities.

“This acquisition brings another important and fast-growing revenue stream to publishers of all shapes and sizes, enabling them to capitalize on the consumer interest and intent they’ve created. Furthermore, marketers will be able to reach the customers they want at every step of the purchasing journey,” stated Walter Knapp, CEO, Sovrn.

“In Sovrn we’ve found a partner that shares our view that publishers deserve better, and with the right tools they can do better. Together, we’ll be able to bring more resources and more impact to that fight,” commented Roup.

With plenty of opportunities to grow, it will be interesting to see how the products will evolve.

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Joele Forrester

Joele Forrester

Joele is the latest recruit for the editorial team at PerformanceIN, and reports on the latest day-to-day news updates from the world of digital marketing, while also carrying out social media promotion, live reporting of events, writing feature articles and interviewing key industry players and stakeholders.

Joele enjoys living in Bristol and often returns to her Devon roots to enjoy the great outdoors. After graduating with a publishing and creative writing degree, Joele began her career in lifestyle publishing. She is now looking to hone her digital publishing and marketing skills at PerformanceIN.  


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