Following the launch of the first ever PerformanceIN 50 last year, PerformanceIN has today (December 13) unveiled the official list of the most important and influential figures in performance marketing through the course of 2018.

The list, which is available to view here, recognises the exceptional work of individuals who have gone out of their way to push the agenda forward for the performance marketing industry on a global scale, whether through technical know-how, unmatched leadership, customer relationship prowess, their role as an industry ambassador, or otherwise.

With a huge uptake in nominations this year, each nomination was reviewed and considered with the final list showcasing a variety of disciplines and job levels to represent the broad set of attributes that can be said to be having a tangible effect on advancing the industry.

“It’s been a very exciting and evolving year for performance marketing as a whole, making this final list incredibly difficult to curate,” commented PerformanceIN’s senior digital journalist Mustafa Mirreh.

“From new technologies and key budget investments to changing the industry landscape and inspiring the next generation of digital marketers, the huge influx of nominations submitted shows the incredible depth and support we have in the industry today. Going into 2019 with more ambition than ever, the PerformanceIN 50 list is a solid reflection of the wealth of talent and influence within the performance marketing community.”

Final congratulations on behalf of the PerformanceIN team to all the individuals in the 2018 PerformanceIN 50 list and their respective companies, and thanks to all who nominated.

View the PerformanceIN 50 2018.