Transparency in the digital advertising industry has been under scrutiny this year and one particular area that has sparked concern within the industry is the ad tech tax. Today (December 12), AppNexus, a Xander company, announced the industry’s first fee-transparency supply-side platform (SSP) to give buyers an unprecedented level of visibility into technology fees. It will help them make informed decisions about where to spend their money, and who with. 

By revealing tech fees, AppNexus hopes to instil further trust in the programmatic ecosystem. 

Putting trust in programmatic

It all began in Q4 2017 when the company approached direct publisher clients to offer transparency with their technology fees to their buyers. These client agreements now represent 82% of transactions on direct sellers in the US and 58% globally.

“Through our policies and partnerships, AppNexus is leading the charge to give advertisers increased transparency in the global marketplace. We want our buyers to know that when you transact on AppNexus supply, you have visibility into your working media dollars,” said Ryan Christensen, SVP of product at Xander. 

Buyers can currently see seller technology fees on the AppNexus platform through third-party reporting and it gives marketers and agencies the ability to monitor and make informed decisions about their media spend. 

“We appreciate and commend AppNexus’ commitment to improving the advertising industry,” said Alec Greenberg, VP of partnerships at Amino Payments. “As a member of Amino’s transparency network, AppNexus enables us to provide impression-level financial transparency in real-time so that marketers can advertise more efficiently and effectively.”