Infectious Media, a specialist programmatic agency, has partnered with John Lewis & Partners to bring what is said to be the UK’s first real-time programmatic out-of-home campaign with Primesight.

The campaign was planned using digital display ad data, with transparency of costs and performance. It will advertise home solutions from John Lewis & Partners, the department store’s on-demand home services offering, which has recently launched in London. You can see the ads on digital OOH sites across London and they aim to reach commuters.

Infectious Media is buying placements in real time by connecting its programmatic technology to Primesight’s inventory via the BroadSign platform.

“We tasked Infectious Media with helping us find a cost-effective approach to join up our digital activity with out-of-home advertising,” said Jessica Paz Jones, campaign and digital marketing manager, home solutions from John Lewis & Partners.

Infectious Media used the insight from the digital display activity of home solutions to plan the purchase of the OOH sites at key times for commuters.

John Lewis & Partners will be able to measure the effectiveness of websites in comparison with their cost as the ads run. This information will be used to optimise the ads throughout the duration of the campaign by spending more in placements that deliver results.

“OOH campaigns tend to be based on route survey data, with this collaboration, we have brought digital planning and measurement to OOH in order to increase its efficiency,” said Dan Larden, partnership director at Infectious Media.

“Our investment in digital screens and PILOT connectivity has significantly increased the flexibility with which advertisers can access our portfolio. We are delighted to have been able to facilitate this innovative use of data to drive advertising performance,” commented Mungo Knott, director of insight and innovation at Primesight.