After lunch, make your way to the Main Stage to grab a seat at the much-anticipated Peak Performance and How to Achieve it panel discussion session, taking place from 14:50-15:20.

Jake Sheaf, managing director of Deep Dish Beach Volleyball, will join Gail Emms MBE, Olympic silver medallist and founder of Gail Emms Consultancy, on the stage along with moderator Richard Dennys, CEO of Webgains.

In this heated keynote session, both speakers will highlight the endless parallels between sport and business, and how you can use these principles to help you reach peak performance. Both Emms and Sheaf know that with hard work, you can achieve the goals and objectives you set out.

Thanks to the strategies they create and the determination with which they approach challenges, these speakers stand out from the crowd and succeed in all aspects of their careers. In the session, they’ll share the lessons they learnt along the way so you can discover how to achieve your goals.

Let us tell you more about the speakers themselves…

With a background in sport and business, both Emms and Sheaf will be sure to provide plenty of actionable insights on how to reach peak performance.

Jake Sheaf made his Team England debut on the Gold Coast, where beach volleyball was included in the Commonwealth Games for the first time. He also runs his own company, Deep Dish Beach Volleyball, so has the perfect first-hand experience to what it’s like to be at the top of his game in both sport and business.

Meanwhile, Emms enjoyed a fantastic career as an elite badminton player, becoming Olympic silver medallist, World, European and Commonwealth champion during that time. Now, she brings all of that experience and knowledge to help brands, companies, businesses and individuals develop, motivate and inspire to be the best. At the show, Emms will share the advice she’s accumulated over the years and discuss how you can reach the top of your game.

Richard Dennys, CEO of Webgains will be moderating the session, making sure nothing is missed. He has over 20 years’ experience of starting, growing and selling digital businesses, so is an expert when it comes to reaching peak performance.

In this intriguing session, the panel will unpick what it takes to reach peak performance, leaving you feeling well-informed. How should you deal with failures that you might encounter along the way? Well, Emms and Sheaf will guide you through tips, actionable takeaways and debate throughout their keynote.

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