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Mindshare Launches Blockchain Alliance to Deliver Transparency in Programmatic

Mindshare Launches Blockchain Alliance to Deliver Transparency in Programmatic


The prototype project will aim to create a smart contract system ideal for the programmatic industry to deliver transparency over ad buying and trading.

Global media and marketing company Mindshare has announced its first prototype for its blockchain programmatic alliance, signing a number of key partners as part of the initiative.

Companies such as MediaMath, Integral Ad Science and Rubicon Project join Mindshare in pushing blockchain technology into the media space, under the alliance titled as ‘Project Proton’.

The prototype has been built using blockchain platform Zilliqa, which aims to create a smart contract system that’s ideal for the programmatic industry, allowing all parties in the chain to have transparency over ad buying and trading.

“There are many claims and speculations on the applicability of this technology to our business,” said Gowthanman Ragothaman, chief development officer at Mindshare AMENA; “Project Proton is designed to test this, particularly in the areas of building consensus and managing high throughput.”

The news continues the development of Mindshare’s partnership with blockchain protocol Ziliqa, which was confirmed last year to address some of the problematic issues in digital advertising today. Mindshare adds that they’re open to additional industry leaders to join the alliance as the project further progresses.

This isn’t the first time the industry has come together to introduce the concept of blockchain in advertising and media. The Truth Agency, which was set up by Mary Keane-Dawson, aims to use utilise the technology to deliver transparency as it’s core to the industry.

“By bringing blockchain technology into the media world we will build a cleaner media supply chain with 100% transparency. We want to put the client first and believe this is the best way to do that,” Keane-Dawson told PerformanceIN.

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Mustafa Mirreh

Mustafa Mirreh

Mustafa is a senior journalist at PerformanceIN. Reporting on the latest day-to-day news and updates from the world of performance marketing, while also doing social media promotion, live reporting of events, article features and interviewing key industry players.


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