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Out-of-Home Ads Can Boost Paid Search by 80%, Report Finds

Out-of-Home Ads Can Boost Paid Search by 80%, Report Finds


Research reveals that out-of-home (OOH) ads can increase brand loyalty, which in turn can boost the effectiveness of online advertising channels such as paid search and social media.

According to a study commissioned by Rapport, brands, or so-called “power houses” that dedicate 15% or more of their media budgets to out-of-home (OOH) advertising saw a 24% increase in brand trust and 106% increase in perception of brand quality. Meanwhile, customer loyalty was found to have improved by 275%.

All of this had positive knock-on effects for other channels, especially online advertising, which saw the effectiveness of paid search increase by 80% and social media by 56%.

Platforms are taking note of the growing opportunities of OOH, with Google reportedly working on making outdoors ads more relevant by trying web history and real-world messaging, while TV channel Euronews has partnered with OOH advertising business Exterion Media to show bulletins on its 60 new HD screens across London’s tube network.

This connection between OOH advertising and greater brand trust highlights that investing more in OHH can pay off and be beneficial to brands, particularly when it comes to regaining customer loyalty.

In an increasingly cluttered media landscape and with people spending more time outside of their home, it is important to take into account the benefits of effectively integrating OHH with other channels and reach consumers in new ways.

"This report provides tangible proof of OOH’s power to drive not just advertising success, but also business success; what constitutes best-practice in OOH; and how it integrates effectively with other media channels,” commented Paul Sambrook, global marketing director of Rapport.

The report examined 171 case studies from the UK, Germany, China, Australia and Malaysia drawn from the IPA’s Effectiveness Awards Databank.

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Joele Forrester

Joele Forrester

Joele is the latest recruit for the editorial team at PerformanceIN, and reports on the latest day-to-day news updates from the world of digital marketing, while also carrying out social media promotion, live reporting of events, writing feature articles and interviewing key industry players and stakeholders.

Joele enjoys living in Bristol and often returns to her Devon roots to enjoy the great outdoors. After graduating with a publishing and creative writing degree, Joele began her career in lifestyle publishing. She is now looking to hone her digital publishing and marketing skills at PerformanceIN.  


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