Cleverbridge, a provider of e-commerce and subscription billing solutions for monetising digital goods, online services and Saas, has announced the launch of its new Performance Marketing Platform, which will leverage Partnerize’s partner and affiliate marketing solution. The platform enables advertisers to onboard, track, optimise and pay any type of publisher for advertising their products or services.  

The Performance Marketing Platform combines Partnerize’s partner marketing solution with cleverbridge’s strategic marketing, campaign execution and creative services expertise, resulting in a platform that helps clients boost online traffic, brand recognition and recurring revenue.

With the platform, advertisers can access the tools needed to cultivate relationships with high-quality publishers. Advertisers can also expect flexible partner and affiliate management capabilities, real-time performance measurement and analysis powered by AI across channels, and predictive analytics for web and mobile conversion to predict future partner performance for greater visibility and cost certainty with Partnerize’s Performance Forecaster.

The platform also enables advertisers to centralise programmes to minimise workload and make tracking performance much simpler and consistent.

In addition, clients will benefit from cleverbridge’s industry expertise, diverse publisher network, helping advertisers to optimise their publisher process, and its ability to design reward strategies for publishers.

“By collaborating with Partnerize, we’re able to provide clients with best-in-class solutions to measure, optimize, and reward marketing partner and publisher performance, along with our vast experience in establishing profitable relationships with top-performing publishers that enables performance marketing success,” said Jessie Adamczyk, director of digital marketing services at cleverbridge.

“Our Performance Marketing Platform provides everything you need to drive the greatest volume of sales and growth from partnerships, ultimately resulting in more site traffic, more customers and more revenue,” continued Adamczyk.

“Having used multiple traditional networks, we’re incredibly impressed by the new Performance Marketing Platform’s real-time performance tracking and measurement and the granular data and insights that help with budgeting and optimising our online campaigns,” added Vlad Vysotskyi, affiliate manager at Kromtech.

It will be exciting to see the possibilities of the new platform as the company continues to expand.