Financial Times (FT) has released a new multi-platform audience tool (Map) for advertisers in the hope of boosting repeat business.

The media owner has stated that the platform is the ‘first of its kind’, and will give clients a holistic view of audiences, no matter where they are reading.

The product was created to makes it easier for advertisers to understand the reach of their work across print, online and the FT app.

The tool calculates reach by platform, region, audience and frequency, showing marketers who they are reaching with an FT placement and revealing consumption habits of FT readers.

Transparency around editorial and advertising is vital and increasing in demand, and FT is looking to deliver this with Maps.

Planning has become harder in today’s multichannel advertising space, and the new platform aims to help publishers shape a more effective and informed strategy and execution.  

The tool will be powered by auditor PwC – the FT’s monthly global reach is calculated based on Ipsos Mori data on its print audience and the FT’s online first-party data that’s assured by PwC.  

“With the launch of Map, FT clients will be able to accurately evaluate the global reach of a campaign across print and online platforms, ensuring greater transparency and more effective marketing,” said Laura Milstead, global advertising director, B2B and insight at FT.

Milsted continued that the tool should enable more prompted and informed media planning for buyers, stating the update assists in quantifying the reach granted by additional channels, be it in print, or the app.

“Often the data they are working with is not truly comparable. It shows the consumption habits of FT readers and helps advertisers plug into consumer’s habits as required.”