Skimlinks, the leading commerce content monetisation platform, announced the launch of a software as a service (SaaS) model alongside its revenue share model to allow large publishers to capture more of the growth they generate.

With this model, Skimlinks aims to offer publishers a compelling one-stop-shop alternative to Amazon for the monetisation of their commerce content.

As publishers around the world develop commerce strategies, SaaS has emerged as a viable option for those looking to diversify revenue streams. In fact, publishers that leverage commerce properly see it grow to as much as 25% of overall revenue.

Through this platform evolution, Skimlinks looks to make it even more of a key revenue stream for all publishers.

New solutions

Skimlinks is expanding its core technology through the addition of three new solutions specifically designed to help publishers grow their businesses.

The first is offering a choice between revenue share and flat fee, which gives more control to publishers on how they develop their commerce content revenue.

The second is Skimlinks recently announced partnership with Monetizer101, which allows publishers to easily add price comparison and shopping tools to their commerce content.

Lastly, Skimlinks gives publishers the opportunity to direct traffic from their commerce content to sites offering higher yield.

“Moving to a SaaS platform means publishers will be able to capture larger and more meaningful revenues from editorial content. The platform will continue to evolve as we look to add more applications through internal development and partnerships with those who understand the opportunity of commerce content,” said Sebastien Blanc, CEO of Skimlinks.