Advertising trade association, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has announced the acquisition of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA). Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

With the deal set to be finalised by July 1, the ANA will become the “single largest trade association” in the US, with a combined entity of 2,000 companies presenting over 20,000 brands as part of the merger.

The DMA will operate as a division of the advertising trade association, which will be led by the organisation’s chief executive Tom Benton.

“Expanded network”

On the organisations merging together, ANA’s director of communications, John Wolfe, said that both the ANA and DMA will provide “a higher level of influence and authority, as well as more robust products and services that will better serve marketers and their brands.”

With the growing importance of digital advertising, data marketing and the recent implication of the General Data Protection Regulation, Wolfe added that both entities joining forces will aid in developing an “expanded network” for brand marketers in the industry.

“Business today is becoming increasingly driven by data,” he said; “The truth is, data is now influencing more marketers from more types of companies, from across the entire ecosystem than ever before. As data dominates the marketing sphere, it has become clear that there is a greater need for more effective, more responsible and more ethical practices that enrich the lives of all consumers and yield greater profitability for brands.”