Artificial intelligence (AI) tech company GumGum has announced the launch of a partnership with French-based marketing group ADUX to expand its current in-image advertising offering to brands in Europe – including across France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

GumGum’s proprietary “computer vision” technology scans images and videos across multiple platforms, allowing advertisers to place contextually relevant ads where users are most likely to see them. The move simultaneously extends ADUX’s existing offer into native advertising.

The partnership will give advertisers in Europe access to the image recognition and semantic analysis technology, leading to opportunities for international brands to leverage local language inventory provided by both GumGum and ADUX.

Native over display

According to GumGum, the average rate of ad viewability recorded using the technology was 78% while the engagement rate of ads was 10 times greater than that of display advertising. From a performance perspective, these findings present revenue opportunity for publishers while providing a better online experience for users.

A number of high-profile brands using the platform include Disney, BMW, Toyota, L’Oreal and Sony.

“With new European regulations coming into play this month, it will become even more important to provide international advertisers with digital advertising solutions that are not only creative and relevant but non-intrusive and brand safe,” said Ed Preedy, managing director of GumGum.

On the partnership, Cyril Zimmermann, CEO of ADUX added that the technology offering will “reinforce our non-intrusive and native advertising offer with a strong impact for advertisers in Europe.”