MotoDirect Digital, the UK’s premier manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories is working with programmatic marketing company, Admedo to deliver total programmatic transparency to their roster of global clients including Ducati and Bridgestone.

MotoDirect Digital is using Admedo’s unified Programmatic Marketing Platform to reach the most relevant audiences by tapping into key markets as part of their clients’ European expansion plan. Admedo’s unique technology enables the manufacturer and distributor to apply geo-contextual targeting directly from the platform to drive relevant targeting, that yields results.

Chris Day, digital director at MotoDirect Digital comments: “Admedo has given us the ability to retake control of ours and on their behalf, our clients’ media budgets. Unlike before, we now have total access to where our programmatic media spend actually goes. We have campaign visibility into performance insights such as best performing websites, creative, ad sizes and optimisation recommendations which has enabled us to deliver increased levels of performance to our clients, optimise campaigns on an ongoing basis and expand into new markets cost effectively.”

Murky practices in programmatic media buying continue to be an industry-wide problem, with evidence of kickbacks given by media owners to agencies and fraudulent practices coming more and more into the light.

Debbie Wiggins, head of marketing at Ducati UK Ltd comments: “We have been using programmatic advertising for some time with various agencies. MotoDirect Digital gave us a different perspective on how programmatic media buying should work by providing us total transparency and offering a product that delivers value for money and great results.”

Programmatic is not going anywhere, making up 79% of all UK digital display ad spend accounting for £3.39 billion last year, according to eMarketer. Gary Hartshorne, senior product manager for Northern Europe at Bridgestone comments: “In an ever-changing media world its sometimes difficult to judge what printed advertising does for you, or indeed how many people you reach, so we took a total change of direction for our sales campaigns and took the plunge into programmatic advertising. The analytics shows you everything you need to know so you can measure your spend vs. interaction. Our recent promotional offers campaign sold out in weeks, so for us it is a huge success.”

Nick Moutter, founder and CEO of Admedo added “We’ve seen a lot of calls for transparency in the press and as a result, there have been a lot of vendors suddenly raise the flag for transparency. Advertisers need to proceed with caution. The notion of transparency itself has become ambiguous. Does it refer to transactional level-data, disclosure agreements, intermediaries, campaign level transparency, insight reporting or data usage? There are many facets to consider and if the advertiser’s programmatic vendor doesn’t own the technology in the first place, then it must be asked how transparent practices can be guaranteed overall? However, the light on the transparency issue is hugely positive because we can focus on delivering programmatic how it should be, as an efficient and performance driven channel. As more advertisers take a leading role in defining accountability, roles and responsibilities we will see the issue of transparency no longer be an issue.”

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