Data insights from international affiliate publisher networks collated by marketing solutions provider, Rakuten Marketing has discovered a 38% year-on-year increase in orders for advertisers during the core three-day period of Chinese New Year.

In particular, non-retail areas such as travel are among the fastest growing internationally. 2017 figures show a 17% increase in completed transactions during Chinese New Year alongside a 37% rise in traffic across travel sector affiliate websites.

Delving specifically into the UK market, a popular tourist destination for Chinese shoppers, orders through the domestic affiliate network of cameras and photography grew by 19% year-on-year, while the health & wellness vertical benefitted from a staggering 83% increase.

These findings suggest the focus on family and friends during Chinese New Year is increasingly about visiting and treating each other with experiences.

“Sales driven by Chinese buyers are growing; increasingly members of the younger and well-educated generation are entering the global market,” commented Mark Haviland, executive VP at Rakuten Marketing.

“While Chinese New Year is still more a more family orientated celebration, the tastes and needs of many consumers are evolving fast highlighting new FMCG opportunities.”

Food and drink appetite

Another international consumer focus is on food and drink, which experienced a 27% growth in orders and a 76% increase in traffic online, suggesting an appetite for party essentials. However, people aren’t just looking for any old brand, orders made to luxury and high-end stores increase 32% around Chinese New Year, affirming more premium purchase interests from these audiences.

“It’s crucial to remember these global sales moments are both a time of heightened demand and competition. Brands must use insight to ensure they get in front of the right global audience segments, with the right message on the right channel.” concluded Haviland.