With the ongoing threat of ad fraud and non-human traffic within programmatic, Julia Smith, director of communications at Impact Radius indicates that there will be a noticeable reduction of both next year.

2018 will be the year we see a noticeable reduction of instances of fraud and non-human traffic. This year we’ve seen a negative focus in the battle against ad fraud as brands have boycotted the likes of YouTube in a stand against the problem. But next year will open up an opportunity to make a positive shift to renew confidence for marketers in our industry. 

I expect the UK will see an increasing number of companies becoming accredited. Those who are not accredited by JICWEBS can expect to see a negative impact on trading so it will become a must have for fraud providers and trading platforms. Through the latter part of 2017, transparency has taken centre stage, often seen hand-in-hand with ad fraud, which I also expect to continue being a priority in the new year. Ads.txt will be a crucial step towards delivering increased transparency across our industry, which will be closely followed by a significant uptake in the use of blockchain technology in programmatic trading.

This year has been an important one for the advertising industry but 2018 will only top it.