With Artificial Intelligence (AI) trending in the digital advertising space, leading performance marketing agency iProspect makes its move with the launch of machine learning optimisation engine, CORE.

With automation growing increasingly advanced in affiliate marketing, the agency’s AI engine claims to use “bespoke algorithms to translate data based on real-time business metrics”, or in other words, processing data at a much quicker rate for more impactful results.

“Intelligent data”

According to the agency, CORE incorporates four connected layers – collection, storage, plan & predict and activation into its algorithm, collecting data via API connectors from sources such as live weather feeds and web analytics services before storing the data into its cloud-based computing network.

The engine then analyses the data to identify opportunities to optimise performance – activating a machine learning system through platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook Business Manager – allowing for actionable changes to be made automatically in real time.

“Our business is about driving performance for our clients and we adopt the most advanced techniques and approaches to do this,” said Stefan Bardega, CEO of iProspect UK and Ireland.

“CORE enables us to leverage the most advanced machine learning techniques to process more data and make more accurate and frequent optimisation decisions by plugging directly into the activation platforms,” he added.

The right track

Certain brands have already tested the machine learning engine, including travel service company Eurostar, where its search data was automated through CORE to improve its digital performance., increasing the quality and velocity of buying decisions.

In just over one month, the company saw an increase in conversion rate by 26% while driving a decrease in cost per acquisition of 30%.

“Initial CORE results are incredibly encouraging, cementing the way we work together for 2018 and beyond.” commented Guillemette Jacob, head of marketing and brand at Eurostar.

The launch of CORE among another movements in the industry is pushing advertisers away from traditional manual tasks and letting machine learning completing the data analysis work for them, allowing them to free up more time for more creative strategic approaches.